We support them in designing and executing programs to improve regional competitiveness and innovation systems.

We collaborate with governments and regional development institutions such as SEBRAE and Indutries Federation to promote the agents' capacities and skills and regional development through working with cluster, value chains,sectors and innovation systems.




  • Identification of clusters: identification of clusters in a region and priorities to optimize its efficiency.

  • Development of clusters: mobilization and design of the strategic vision and actions with and for the cluster, via the so-called cluster initiatives.

  • Supervision of clusters: support in the supervision of the action plan implementation to maintain commitment with the companies and institutions involved and to assess the results obtained.

  • Development of value chains: value chain analysis in a global context, identification and characterization of the value chain's links, definition of the strategic vision and actions to strengthen the regional chain.

  • Development of innovation systems: support in defining regional innovation systems and management models for innovation centers

  • Sectorial strategic studies: global strategic analysis defining the trends, businesses segments, strategies and more attractive business models inside one sector

  • Business strategic plans: definition of strategic plan for the Innovation Centers, company or producers associations.



  • Punctual training in cluster: training seminars about the cluster methodologies for managers and civil servants

  • Continued training in clusters: “coaching” system that consists in supporting permanently an institution in the implementation of cluster projects, allowing a better immersion in the methodology and guaranteed results in the implementation

  • Coordination and integration seminars for the integration of cluster policies with other regional development policies such as innovation and internationalization policies.

  • Regional workshops: presentation with an interactive model about the trends of the sector and new business opportunities to initiate a process of strategic change.    


Development of methodologies:

  • Tailored development of methodologies for cluster programs and its integration with other methodologies. Adaptation of the methodologies with the institutional characteristics of the client as well as with the different economic realities.