In the beginning of the company in 2010, the focus was on the work with clusters to develop the territory and regions, and we were hired by governments and regional institutions. From the results obtained on, we have evolved with new demands and new clients, which led to the development of new methodologies and accumulation of experience with other development tools. 


Currently, we work with three typologies of clients offering adapted solutions for each necessity.


Multilaterales3Multilateral institutions and national governments

We are facilitators in the implementation of microeconomic policies and its assessment. 

thumb Goviernos regionalesRegional Governments and Development Institutions

We support them in designing and executing programs to improve regional competitiveness and innovation systems.

thumb Asociaciones empresariales3Business associations

We work directly with groups of companies to encourage and to structure the strategic change. 

We develop collaboration in a long-term basis with our clients because we are aware that the institutional strengthening and the application of microeconomic policies are processes that demand time to generate sustainable results.

We offer different services of Consuting, Training and Tailored development of methodologies according to the demands of our clients.